January 04, 2019

Helpshift, Zipwhip Discuss Messaging, Texting, CX

Customer service continues to become more asynchronous, automated, intelligent, and proactive. Just look at what companies like Helpshift and Zipwhip and their customers are doing, and what they expect for 2019 and the years ahead.

"In 2019, rapid adoption of messaging-based bots will be the No. 1 trend in customer service,” says Helpshift founder and CSO Abinash Tripathy. “You can expect at least 50 percent of the Fortune 5000 companies to begin experimenting with and testing out bots, while five to 10 percent will be rolling them out into full production. As bots begin to improve the customer service experience across industries, it will be seen increasingly as an advantage both on the UX side, as well as a means to cost savings."

The Helpshift leader adds that this will be the year the travel and hospitality vertical becomes proactive with customer service. “Specifically, airlines, which consistently place worst of all industries based on their NPS scores, will start to focus on this as a differentiator,” he says. “Automation and AI can increasingly help the industry provide frictionless experiences for travelers across the board."

He says there’s a migration from voice-based to digital, asynchronous customer service channels like messaging. That, he says, will help drive AI and bot-based automation. In fact, Tripathy expects automated systems to handle an estimated 80 to 90 percent of customer service interactions by 2023.

Fort Wayne Komets is among the organizations benefitting from texting today. The Zipwhip customer is using texting to drive ticket sales. Using texting has allowed Vet Innovation Council to increase client callback contact numbers by 60 percent and spend more time on patient care. And Emerald Beach Properties is using texting to more easily send updates and respond to guest questions.

“I worked with Zipwhip throughout my tenure at T-Mobile and was always impressed with their clarity of vision, innovative spirit and technical acumen. Their ability to take the most basic of wireless communications – the text message – and create an entirely new industry is incredible,” says Alison Billings, who recently joined Zipwhip as vice president of industry development for the U.S.

Paul Wheeler also recently joined Zipwhip. He’s the new vice president of industry development in Canada. Together, Billings and Wheeler will be tasked with driving strategic partner initiatives from within Zipwhip, ranging from wireless platform providers, large multiplatform technology companies, and wireless industry regulatory bodies.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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