November 27, 2018

North American Shipping Company Selects Fusion for Cloud Communications.

We constantly read, see and hear about the cloud. Moreso, people discuss how this transformational technology is serving to disrupt industry across the board. As the cloud continues to build momentum, cloud service providers are positioning to prosper in this growing market with comprehensive portfolios – All jockeying to be the one-stop cloud shop.

Today, Fusion announced a multi-million dollar deal to provide cloud communications to one of North America’s leading shipping companies. The nearly century old transporter of retail, commercial and industrial foods will leverage Fusion to support communications across its 350 locations.

“Flexibility and reliability are the hallmarks of this leading transportation company, and we are pleased that Fusion has been recognized for our similar commitment to quality of service and ease of use,” said Dan Foster, Fusion’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We look forward to growing with the company and increasing efficiencies across the enterprise with the always-on, reliable communications solutions required for this leading business to continue to compete, succeed and grow.”

Fusion separated from the pack with the proposition of cutting costs, while optimizing the organizations communications platform. In selecting Fusion, the shipping provider was able to reduce the numbers of carriers from four to one, and is so happy with the results is looking to a multi-site deployment project in Canada.

The cloud cannot be denied, as the benefits are plain to see. This crowded, competitive space is set to explode. Are your communications in the cloud?   

Edited by Maurice Nagle