October 18, 2018

Fusion SD-WAN Wins Over Fashion Firm

The fashion industry is fickle. From fall trends, to up and coming designers, making a stamp on an industry like fashion can is no small task. The retail and lifestyle space demands the most from technology, and the cloud is ready to deliver.

Fusion announced a leading fashion and lifestyle brand signed on with the cloud services provider to support 29 locations with its PCI-compliant cloud-based solution that promises 100% uptime in its quality assurance guarantee.  

The star of the show is Fusion’s SD-WAN solution, providing application performance, security and flexibility offered by the cloud. The one stop cloud shop that is Fusion delivers a single source, end-to-end managed solution empowering connectivity and cutting costs. These factors separated Fusion from the pack, making the fashion firm’s selection easy.

“This well-known fashion company is a true original, known for innovation and for having developed a unique approach to delivering its vibrant lifestyle brand, incorporating video, the web, music and events. We are honored to have earned the company’s confidence in delivering our all-in solutions and look forward to finding new and innovative ways to help support the company’s growth,” said Dan Foster, Fusion’s Chief Revenue Officer. 

The cloud era is a upon us, as the digital age matures the onus is placed on businesses of all shapes and sizes cannot afford to get stuck behind transformation 8-ball. The time for evolution is now, and Fusion is here to facilitate.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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