August 10, 2018

Malaysia's Digi Calls on Voxox Cloud Phone

In today’s multifaceted world of communications, no one service provider can do it all alone. So many companies partner with specialists to bring more complete product portfolios to market. In a recent example of this trend, Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd has called on Voxox.

The Malaysian carrier, Digi, is offering the Voxox Cloud Phone under its Omni Hotline brand. This is an important new opportunity for Voxox, as it represents the first implementation of Voxox Cloud Phone by a foreign carrier. And Digi has 11.7 million customers.

This cloud-based solution features business SMS, enhanced voicemail, faxes, greetings, intelligent call routing, virtual phone numbers, and a virtual receptionists. The offering is a good match for the Malaysian business community, the companies explain. That’s because it makes modern business communications accessible for small and medium enterprises, which represent 97 percent of the country’s businesses. So organizations can focus on growing their businesses while Digi through Voxox ensures their communications perform as required.

"Our goal is to enable small businesses in Malaysia to access enterprise-level products at an affordable price, Omni being one of those offerings in our suite of digital services,” said Digi Chief Digital Officer Praveen Rajan. “It is an incredibly useful solution for today’s SMEs and entrepreneurs on-the-go, thanks to its host of work oriented functions that easily turn any smartphone into a call centre. We are pleased to partner with Voxox to empower small businesses in Malaysia."

Customers that subscribe to Omni Hotline will be able to get local numbers supporting unlimited extensions and advanced call routing. A merchant payment gateway integration will enable local billing for the service.

Voxox will operate the service from its Los Angeles and Singapore data centers. And it will tap into the Digi network using SIP and SMPP connectivity.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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