July 31, 2018

Bright MLS Taps RingCentral for UC

RingCentral is providing Bright MLS with unified communications. That includes the RingCentral Office and RingCentral Contact Center solutions.

The multiple listing services provider previously relied on a voice-only on-premises system. But its adoption of the cloud-based RingCentral offerings will enable it to more easily connect its workforce across distributed locations. And it will allow it to support different modes of communications.

Bright MLS works with 85,000 real estate professionals. Those pros serve more than 20 million consumers.

“Our real estate professionals conduct $100 million worth of transactions each hour,” said Garry Marsoubian, Senior Vice President of IT and Project Delivery at Bright MLS. “With RingCentral, we’re able to enhance the customer experience while saving costs, making it a business decision that translates to tangible value across our organization. RingCentral has addressed the confidentiality, integrity, and availability questions that all IT leaders must ask when considering cloud services and solutions.”

Vernon Jones, Vice President of Customer Support, added: “Every minute that our customers are on the phone with a support representative is a minute that they aren’t initiating or closing deals. Our call centers have to be available to their fullest extent, and the support reps need tools to answer questions quickly. RingCentral Contact Center makes that happen.”

In May IHS Markit named RingCentral the No. 1 unified communications as service player in North America. The market analyst notes that RingCentral has the largest installed base and above average market growth in the UCaaS space. It has created 76 percent revenue year-over-year growth in the mid-market and enterprise segments. RingCentral supports collaboration and team messaging as part of its UCaaS solution. It continues to expand its integrations with other vendor solutions. And it supports multiple languages and continues its international expansion.

Edited by Maurice Nagle