July 31, 2018

Intelisys Adds Messaging Enabled Business Communications with MessagePro

The world has changed.  It’s gone mobile, and with that has come a new age of business communication.  Traditional voice is still strong, particularly when it comes to many customer service engagements, but it’s being overwhelmed by digital channels, including email, chat, social media and messaging.  All are important given new customer engagement strategies that effectively require businesses to let customers interact through the medium of their choosing.  Increasingly, that’s becoming text messaging.

Consider that more than 22 billion text messages are sent each day globally – more than 15 million per minute (not including app-to-app messaging like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger).  Add to that the fact that 90 percent of consumers would like to be able to engage businesses via text message, but more than half of businesses aren’t messaging-enabled, and it’s easy to see where there’s a major gap in the market between customer preferences and business capabilities.  That’s especially true now that the millennial generation has become the largest single working population in the United States.

“Every day, we see more consumers wanting to communicate with businesses via text” says Gregg Smith, President of MessagePro.  “To do business in 2018, every business needs a solution in place to manage texting.”

That’s why there’s a tremendous opportunity for companies like MessagePro, which offers a suite of messaging-centric applications and services designed to extend communications between businesses and customers to the channel that has clearly become customers’ favorite.  It has tremendous benefits for businesses in that text messages have a much higher open, read, and response rate than emails, which means customers are immediately engaged and can have their needs met much more rapidly.

“MessagePro Office delivers a more seamless customer experience by enabling existing, familiar business telephone lines to be text capable, thereby opening additional, preferred communication options and, ultimately, a better engagement,” explains Andrew Pryfogle, Senior Vice President, Cloud Transformation for technology services distributor Intelisys.

Even though mobile devices dominate the customer landscape, most businesses aren’t working in a mobile-only environment, particularly when it comes to customer engagements.  MessagePro text-enables any existing business phone number, allowing employees to send and receive messages from their desktops, workstations, laptops, or mobile devices.  It allows every employee, from road warrior sales reps to contact center agents, to be able to leverage messaging to communicate with customers.  In fact, the company says the process is almost instant, meaning businesses start capturing ROI immediately by making text messaging as easy as sending an email.

Smith adds that MessagePro goes well beyond basic messaging with its suite of solutions:  “Secure messaging, fax, appointment reminders, surveys, interactive messaging, message throttling, opt-in/opt-out management and many other features are all delivered in a sleek user interface across all applications and devices.”

MessagePro has just become an Intelisys supplier partner, allowing Intelisys sales partners to complement an already lengthy list of business communications and network services with a suite of messaging capabilities to bring their bring their communications capabilities in line with today’s expectations.

“Adding new suppliers to our portfolio is about adding innovation and new value to our sales partners that they can then offer to their own customers.  MessagePro Office, along with the rest of the MessagePro Application Suite, delivers on this objective,” Pryfogle added.

Edited by Erik Linask



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