July 06, 2018

CBTS Integrates InformaCast Fusion Into UC Solution

Cloud communications possess undeniable cost, capability and collaboration benefits. They are impacting enterprises of all shapes and sizes, with adoption on the rise and a bright future ahead. From c-suite to first responders, cloud communications are boosting operations.

This week, CBTS announced the addition of Singlewire Software’s InformaCast Fusion to its Hosted Enterprise Unified Communications solution. Bringing InformaCast Fusion into the fold introduces a reliable, robust and cloud-based mass communications system.

 “The InformaCast Fusion mass notification system provides our clients with a powerful messaging tool to help meet their physical security needs, and we are pleased to include this functionality as part of our Hosted Enterprise Unified Communications solutions,” said Joe Putnick, Vice President and Chief Solution Architect, CBTS.

In emergency scenarios, speed counts and using a multichannel approach accelerates the reach and efficacy of the communications. Now, the CBTS Hosted UC solution can enable live communications via audio messaging, SMS, phone, email and push notifications. InformaCast Fusion also facilitates messaging across mobile phones and devices, desk phones, digital signage, IP speakers and overhead paging systems.

“CBTS has demonstrated bold industry leadership with this partnership, declaring that safety is standard functionality for their customers,” said Pat Scheckel, Executive Vice President of Product Management and Marketing for Singlewire Software.

Typically in technology the talk is around network safety, not necessarily the health and well-being of its users. The modern minded enterprise will deploy a cloud-based communications system providing a bevy of features. It’s nice when those features not only add to productivity but keep employees safe as well.

Are your communications in the cloud?

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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