June 01, 2018

Gold Line Adds Enghouse Interactive's CCSP Platform to Service Portfolio

As they say, the sky’s the limit – a statement that certainly seems appropriate for the cloud contact center market, which is seeing consistent growth and is expected to reach $21 billion by 2022.  The market’s expansion is being driven by the flexibility of the cloud model, bringing new agility to businesses and relieving them of the costs and time of managing on-premises infrastructure and applications.  The cloud model also allows businesses to more rapidly evolve their customer-facing services by eliminating significant up-front costs for enhancements and additions.  The result is an increased opportunity to focus on customer needs and delivering a better experience.

Cloud-based solutions also allow integrators and managed service providers to easily integrate new capabilities into their offerings, extending their value as providers.  In fact, the MSP market is a prime opportunity for cloud contact center services.  That’s why GL CloudConnect (GLCC), the enterprise division of Canadian telecom solution company Group of Gold Line, has added Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center: Service Provider (CCSP) platform to its service portfolio.  The addition of the multi-tenant contact center platform is in response to customer demand for a CCaaS solution, and complements its existing telecom, cloud, hosting, digital media, and professional services solutions.

“The addition of GLCCaaS into our CloudConnect portfolio, which currently includes our GLSIP trunking and our GLPBX hosted PBX offer, enables us to deliver on the increasing demand for enterprise cloud solutions,” said Essie Nouraee, GL CloudConnect’s vice president of VoIP technology and services.  “This new cloud service affords Gold Line the opportunity to extend existing relationships and be the single-source partner for all of our customers’ needs.”

GL’s customers are already benefitting from the addition of the Enghouse Interactive platform.  Global Mentoring Solutions (GMS), and managed IT helpdesk services provider was looking to replace its previous contact center technology, which didn’t provide the flexibility and agility it required.  With GLCCaaS, GMS has seen new levels of agility allowing it to quickly adapt to its changing customer care needs.  It also has seen enough costs savings to allow it to expand into new markets sooner than anticipated.

Gold Line isn’t just selling a CCSP-based contact center service; it will also be using it to support its own agents, partners and customers.  GL’s roadmap includes migrating its existing on-premises Avaya platform to GLCCaaS to enjoy the same benefits it is now delivering to its customers.

Edited by Erik Linask



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