May 23, 2018

Human Touch Transformative in Cloud Era

It’s easy to get lost in the cloud shuffle. At this point, it feels as though there are countless cloud service providers, each pitching virtually the same product suite and making the same promises of reliability, services, features and performance. The key differentiator in an arena such as the cloud is the personal touch. Technology is the easy part.

Take long time partners BNT and Fusion, for example. BNT’s Mike Profant enthusiastically explained that beyond the carrier grade solutions the duo delivers, whether it’s traditional networking, cloud-based telephony, managed services, etc., the cloud services provider puts a personalized touch on the partnership.

Profant exclaimed, “Everyone has cool technology, but the biggest differentiator is authenticity.” He went on to note the Fusion team will pick up the phone on a Sunday afternoon, “you could send a text message at 5:30am and get a response.” Can you think of a cloud services partner that you know the team (and their kids) by name? 

Spotlighting one of the Fusion “field generals,” Nick Brown as a critical component, Profant illustrated “There is not one BNT employee without his cell number and a long history.”  Point blank: the human element makes a difference.

The two deliver what Profant refers to as “carrier grade” solutions, “not controlled by a single source, not one throat to choke, but one hand to shake.” A lot of carriers in the space that make claims – like world class service or best in breed technology – but far too many fail to cash the checks written by the mouths of the sales squad. Fusion actually follows up on its promises, and over delivers.  

Picture working on a UC or contact center deployment, and finding out the night before the supplier sent the wrong cables. Profant recounts an instance where, “on a Saturday night I’m in touch with Fusion, they had the correct cables in their warehouse,” and the Fusion team member met Profant at 6am the following morning in a Starbucks parking lot. And, just in case, Fusion provided an extra cable.

“Most providers ship a box with instructions, Fusion sends a human being, sometimes a small army,” Profant highlighted. Noting BNT is certified to deploy a great number of products available (not to mention being Samsung’s best B2B dealer in the U.S.) due to its depth of certifications. Regardless, when the BNT team “rolls up, Fusion is already in the parking lot.”

These two likeminded organizations are growing together, as BNT can relate to IT problems keeping the team up at night. 

Have you ever received the “big shot” treatment, as though a top level executive is too important to talk? Profant recounts a time when Fusion CEO Russell Markman was sitting in an airport restaurant waiting for a flight. As soon as Markman spotted Profant, he invited him to join him. The two started with breakfast, before you know it they were having lunch. It was simply two people talking intricacies of the industry.

Special organizations take the time to make every partner feel like their only partner. No deployment too small, no hour too late or no problem the Fusion team won’t deliver the human touch. Sounds like the kind of partner I’d be happy to have in a foxhole with me.

Do your cloud services partners provide the human touch?

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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